DealView is the go-to place for deal information.

  • DealView is a collection of "Deal Pages". A Deal Page delivers information about a deal: notices, investor reports, collateral files, key dates, etc.

  • We create a Deal Page for every transaction that we can find. Currently we have 17,000 Deal Pages and are adding to them every day. If you can't find your deal then please let us know and we'll get it added.

  • An Issuer can "claim" a Deal Page and make it their own. It will be a direct line of communication with your investors and other interested parties.

  • An Investor can "track" deals. When tracking a deal you will be automatically notified of information updates on that deal. In addition, DealView can extract the data points that you care about, saving you the time consuming task of gathering that data.

How DealView enables issuers to communicate

  • Publish reports, notices and documents on your deal page.

  • Invite people to your Deal Page so they can be automatically alerted when new deal information is available.

  • Fulfill regulatory requirements by making public disclosures.

  • Create groups for sharing private information with selected parties.

  • Receive messages from members of your Deal Page.

Investors save time and money spent on tracking deal information.

  • DealView manages the retrieval of information across all your deals and puts it in one place for your consumption.

  • Get immediate notifications when important notices are published for a transaction.

  • Let DealView extract the information that is important to you.

  • Stream reports, data, collateral files directly to your systems using the DealView API.

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